Where is your studio? Located in Riverside CA. We also shoot on location. We have studio lighting for in home sessions and use ambient lighting techniques for outdoor sessions.

How far do you travel? We travel anywhere within 30 miles of Fontana free. Up to 60 miles for $50 and 61miles and more for $100

Should I do my session indoors or outdoors? It comes down to a matter of necessity. If you need studio lit portraits indoor is the way to go. If you need natural looking outdoor portraits than you will need to be outdoor. If you just prefer one over the other that too is up to you. Whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Do you have preferred locations? I enjoy shooting in downtown Riverside near the Mission Inn as well as the Fontana Library parameter and Red Hill Park in Rancho Cucamunga. Of course Corona Del Mar is my favorite, no travel fee necessary with purchase of Chronic Tacos for Robert :)

How do I schedule my appointment. Just call and we can take care of everything. Call Robert at 909-904-5939


First and foremost be rested and prepared for your session. ( that means no partying until 4 A.M. the night before.)

Please bring all the necessary Preparation items ( brush, lipstick, make-up, razor, curling iron, lotion, etc.)

Bring more outfits than you need in case you just don't like something about any that you chose. Try to avoid clothing with large writing or distracting patterns on them as you want to highlight YOU.

Discuss with your agent any particular look that you are going to be shooting for. You don't want to shoot all the wrong stuff.

Bring a family member or friend who you feel comfortable with.... Do not bring someone who sill make you feel uneasy.

Arrive fully fed, hydrated, confident and ready to get some great shots.

Don't Forget a positive and upbeat attitude.